We can help you find business opportunities and partners based on your technology compatibilities, trade requirements or manufacturing needs or capabilities.  We link demand with supply for innovative businesses across the UK and Europe, whether this is for distribution of products, licensing a technology, manufacturing or joint ventures.


Types of partnerships we can help you find are:


New Business Opportunities

• Manufacturing

• Distributing

• Agency

• Joint venture

• Sub-contracting

• Transport and logistics


New Products and Technologies

• Technical co-operation

• New product /process development

• Licencing

• Transfer of know-how

• Strategic alliances


Business Co-operation Database (BCD)


There is an EEN office situated in every corner of Europe, housing over 4000 Network colleagues all of whom together to create a huge market of opportunities for our local businesses.  These opportunities are captured through our BCD database of partnership profiles covering all sectors and market applications.


All the profiles displayed on the database have been entered by colleagues in the Enterprise Europe Network on behalf of companies in their region. We can also publish your profiles on the database for distribution throughout Europe. In addition, we will support you through the partnership process.


• Sample BCD profile

Download BCD Factsheet

Download BCD registration form


 European Sales and Marketing Information & Research

• Niche Sector Market Information

• New Trade Geography Informatio

• Regional Regulatory Compliance Research


Collaborative Research

• European Commission Seventh Framework Programme for  

 Research and Technological Development (FP7)


• European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

• European Public Procurement opportunities


We can work with you to define your needs, proactively look for suitable partners and help qualify potential leads. We can also help you identify any relevant funding streams by supporting your search for Collaborative Research opportunities.

Finding partners in Europe...