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The Enterprise Europe Network provides you with free access to all the information needed to strengthen your business and form new collaborations across Europe.


The network offers support and advice to businesses throughout Europe and assists you to capitalise on all relevant opportunities in the European Union and beyond. Services are available to businesses, research centres and universities across Europe.


We have a wealth of local success stories and we are proud of the feedback we receive. Find out how we have helped North West business.

Showcasing EEN local support to business and European success for business

Testimonials of our support

Classic Landmarks

Owner John Moreton said: “Having tried to find advice about exporting in Europe numerous times without success, I was resigned to going it alone. Then I heard about EEN.

“Almost immediately, Marie at EENW had contacted colleagues throughout Europe to promote Classic Landmarks, found more local box manufacturers than I could have hoped for, and gave me all the information I needed to begin the process of obtaining a Beatles merchandising license.

“I have been so impressed with the information and advice provided by EENW, and the customer service was second to none. They honestly couldn’t have been more helpful, and I would have no qualms about recommending them to anyone.”


Thumbstar Games

Martin Kitney said: “The Brokerage Event is the one we always look forward to, as it enables us to meet new customers face-to-face, find partners and make connections without wasting time on small talk.

“In the four years that Thumbstar has attended the event, we have agreed 15 distribution contracts and signed up over 100 new mobile games.

“On top of that, the experience we have gained has been invaluable in our dealings with existing customers.”

“We really enjoy working with EENW, because they are knowledgeable about the finer details that are important to businesses such as ours and the service is always faultless.

“It is because of their advice and guidance that we are now distributing to multiple operators in countries throughout Europe.”


JDM Designs

Jonathan Meares, owner of JDM Designs, said: “When you have no experience in exporting goods to a new country, it is a relief that you can speak to somebody who explains the procedures in plain English and talks you through the process step-by-step.

“EENW was able to deal with my enquiry quickly and efficiently over the phone.”


Flexible Medical Packaging Ltd (FMP)

Howard Lewer said: “The team at EENW has been particularly helpful and informative, giving us the low-down on how to crack the market there. Using EENW to find a distributor saved us about 18 months of trial and error looking for the right match.

“EENW is now helping us with the necessary paperwork to register each product we would like to sell overseas, which is another vital step to getting FMP into the German market.”


Slouch Mat

Nuala Lewis said: “I knew the time was right for me to call on EENW for support. I wanted to look at exporting and they provided me with contacts in different countries and put together an action plan on the steps I needed to take in order to reach my goal.”







Global-365 Ltd

William Wilson said: “From the very beginning, Marie was extremely helpful. She was quick to come back to us following any request for information, and the level of detail provided was always above and beyond what we expected.”

“There is no doubt that we’ll use EENW again, and when it comes to finding local partners and suppliers in each country, their assistance will be invaluable.”


JGR UK Distribution

John Renda said: “The paperwork has changed since we last tried to do this and I felt we needed some help in working our way through the maze of rules and regulations.

“That’s when I contacted EENW. They’d emailed me outlining the service they offer and they’d also been recommended by the Chamber of Commerce.

“They’ve been looking after us over the past few months, helping us to put the documentation in place, and we reckon we should be sending the product to Egypt within a month.”

Eddie Renda “We need a certificate of free sale in order to sell to some countries outside Europe and Egypt is one of these. EENW was able to point us in the right direction and help us identify exactly which documentation and licences were needed.

“EENW has been very good with us and thanks to them we’ll be looking at increasing our business overseas even more in the coming months.”



Masih Alam said: “EENW organised match-making events for all the companies attending, and I met with 15 representatives in total. Some of these communications have followed up and are turning into business partnerships.

“Prior to Biomedica, we established our first major partnership with Abundz, a Dutch organisation which provides advanced analytical support for the biotechnology, diagnostics and life sciences industries. This was initiated through the EENW business matching service available on their website and followed up with one-to-one meetings.”


Baum Trading Ltd

Nandas Versani said: “We contacted EENW and David Wright, one of their expert advisers, has been working closely with us to ensure we have the capacity to cope with expansion.

“David has identified Hungary as being a good prospect for us and is using EENW’s database of thousands of businesses to search out potential partners in the country, including wholesalers and retailers, all of whom are keen to do business with UK companies.  

“EENW’s guidance is helping make the somewhat daunting prospect of cracking a new country market a lot simpler.”